Case Studies


Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH)

Jon Reed, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer, Future Perfect (Healthcare)

When the Government’s 100k Genomes Programme was established, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH) was selected to lead North Thames Genomics Medical Centre. Future Perfect Co-founder and Director Jon Reed was tasked with aiding the Trust to bid, design, develop and then implement their informatics strategy for the national GENIE and GEMS systems.

To deploy these systems, through open standards, we coordinated the market research and tendering and identified openEHR as the vendor platform of choice. We developed and implemented the programme for deployment of the platform.

From the outset, we promoted using open standards to maximise the clinical value of personalised care across all the collaborating major acute Trusts in the Hub, led by GOSH across north London. We also helped cement a strong relationship between GOSH and the University Hospitals of Birmingham team who managed several aspects of the national GENIE and (more recently and currently) GEMS systems.

Currently, we continue to support GOSH with data reconciliation and quality auditing.  For the new North Thames Genomics Laboratory Hub, we are also providing support with the development and execution of its informatics strategy. This includes lab-to-lab connectivity, design and implementation of a system to support genomics multi-disciplinary teams (GEMS). GEMS is now to be rolled out nationally.